More Friends.

January 18, 2013

More Friends.

june 17- not the best day getting over a bug and discovering a latex allergy. netflix chillin, #herbalhealing


January 3, 2013


This is a throw back picture from sxsw. i don’t know why i took it.. i might of been too drunk to continue riding, so the words, ” hold on, let me sit down for a sec” might of came into play.

Back to the grind.

November 30, 2010

Been off of the whole blog thing for a while due to the fact… due to the mother fuckin’ fact that i’m real. haha nah, headed to my hometown for a week to relax and spend time with a speshul girl =). Got to catch up with some old friends and definitely spent some great time with ashlee.. While dexter and the occasional movie took up most our time we still managed to get out and about. I know music can get rhetorical so I will leave you with a little list to add some flavor to your mixes. Oh yeah, Airborne operation this weekend. What could be better than a nice C-130 jump in the great ciddy of Austin, Texas.

  1. Neon Indian- Mind, Drips
  2. Stay Up!- 88 Keys/ Kanye West
  3. Burbanz & Lacs- Z-ro/Lil’ Flip
  4. Roasted- Curren$y
  5. Real- Z-Ro
  6. Night Winds- Geographer
  7. Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear
  8. The Mystery Zone- Spoon
  9. Blue Beard- Band of Horses
  10. Tia Lupe- Alien Ant Farm
  11. Garza West- S.P.M.
  12. Las Lagrimas de Arakuine- Omar Rodriguez- Lopez
  13. Mexico- Omar Rodriguez- Lopez
  14. Devil in a New Dress- Kanye West
  15. I Need to Know- Goldfinger
  16. It Takes Some Time- Catch 22
  17. Wolf Like Me- Tv on the Radio
  18. Talk Show Host- Radiohead
  19. E-Pro- Beck
  20. Frontier Psychiatrist- The Avalanches
  21. Girlfriend is Better- Talking Heads



Alright, well after a couple of texts from friends about the greatness of the album that Kanye West put out in November I was pressured to take a step out of my Spoon, Grizzly Bear kick to see what was good with  this album. Before I continue to write about this album let me note that I used to be the biggest kanye fan, so  don’t think i’m  jumping on the hater wagon just because it’s going against the grain. I always like to listen to the album and read the lyrics first, and then proceed to read reviews to see how my ideas tie up, in this case everything is against the grain. First song Dark Fantasy (best song on album), had me waking up neighbors nice and early this morning, but the volume was quickly turned down as the album went on. The beat dropped and i was like “Oh fuck, Kanye is back, spitting some real shit…SIKE!” Arrogance can only take you so far man, I understand you have haters, of course.. you act an ass and make sappy cds… Kanye,  please don’t think us haters are hating on you because of your success. We are hating because you are monotonous and are classifying yourself as something epic when in reality crazy funk beats and hard hip hop tones were going on since you were a fetus. This album is decent, maybe because of the iver, rza and cudi features and deserves tons of radio play where everyone will be blown away by beats that aren’t recycled by everyone in the industry.. I just want to get this out there, this is not great music, if Kanye is really going through this maniac stage that everyone is claiming that he is going through why not make your lyrics speak it? Not the same shit we have heard on the past albums, fucking white girls, fashion, and letting people know he made it without a college education… we get it kanye, you made it. People tend to forget that metaphors and analogies existed before this album. Wayne’s lyrical creations have been obsolete for a couple years, and the public goes crazy when hearing a middle school analogy. Remember when Kanye’s flows were ” in the pocket like wallets, having the bounce like hydrolics, and the swerve like alcoholics?” Probably not… Oh yeah fuck Rick Ross, and Young Money.

Currently Jammin’:Los Dug Dug’s- Smog

Currently Sippin’: Maxwell House- Custom Roast

Currently Watching: Dexter- Season 2

Picture of the Day: The life of a bum.

Beaner System

November 15, 2010

After a little trial and error I figured out how to hook up my make shift sound system to my xbox. I know this sounds like an easy task and it use to be, when the norm was a 100 lb. 32′ inch television. Technology advances and everyone gets a hard on to specs and clarity,  but what about the old things that made the biggest differences? Example, built in amp to allow the process of hooking the male end of rca’s to the back of the television straight to a “rca to phono splitter” and then bam! sound out of the speakers. Why go and buy an expensive sound system when all you to do is blow the dust off of the old speakers and with a little work have your system filled with has-beens speaks. Hopefully this post will help everyone else that is going through similar problems. Be sure to take note of this: If the song is made after 200o, has radio play, synthesizers, repetitive drum lines, and cliche raps it AINT screw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to vent this one out, i walked into my roomates’ room where he was playing a lil’ wayne song “slowed down” with a couple chops in there and he proceeded to ask me what i knew about that Screw. Homicidal thoughs? of course, look at my dog chad to push away the thoughts and take a second to gather my words.  James, I really hate to break the news to you but that isn’t screw music. Screw music is an art, a movement, something deeper than a computer software edited song. Thanks and have a good day.


Currently Playing : TOOL- 10,000 days

Currently Sippin’ : Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen



Doin’ it Beaner.

To get things going your going to need to purchase a couple things. Don’t fuck around with Bestbuy, staff is retarded and the selection is shit. You can do this project with just two of the products shown above, the only issue was that Radioshack didn’t have a coupler that went rca to
3.5 phono, which is why i had to purchase the extra component.

To buy list:

1) Y- Adapter: RCA Male to Dual RCA Female .

2) Coupler- RCA  end to RCA Female.

3) Adapter: RCA male to 3.5 stereo Female.


Donated from my momo and popo. Antique sound system, used for grey cassettes and vinyl. Now used for the digital music world, netflix, and gaming, but still has the vinyl running through the speaks. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention there’s gonna be a  couple more cables your gonna have to pick up, these I had laying around so it was pretty clutch. The cable shown above is pretty self explanatory. Two RCA’s which i plugged into the back stereo and then to a male 3.5 phono end. To easy.

Front View.

Now here is the other component to my system. Logitech computer speakers, bang like a champ. This is the sub unit.

The two Logitech Hi’s.

And this is where the magic happens. (from left to right)  Xbox aux cords, y adapter, rca female to female, and then rca male to female. Plug in both cords to the female ends and you’re golden =)

Final Product.


Have a nice day.


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